My real estate crowdfunding portfolio (May update)

My real estate crowdfunding portfolio grows slower than the p2p lending one. The month of May was mostly uneventful. No new platforms added, very few investments made, no big changes on the platforms I’m invested in.

I’m only writing this post so I’m consistent with myself and keep track every month of my portfolio. The previous month’s updates are here.

PlatformInvested capitalCurrent valueProfitCurrency
Housers499 (-101)502 (-100)3 (+1)EUR
Reinvest24500 (+100)490 (+98)-10 (-2)EUR
Property Partner1096 (+96)1112.55 (+100.04)16.55 (+4.04)GBP
British Pearl600616.37 (+1.89)16.37 (+1.89)GBP


I’ve sold my investments on 2 rental properties as they were generating almost zero income. The rental yield was almost zero. As they currently only have development loans available for investment, and with lower returns than on other platforms, I’m not investing more funds here.

The advertised interest rates are not that bad, at 8-9%. But since they deduct automatically the taxes as well, from 19% to 28% depending on the project’s country, the net yield is only around 5-7%. Since I only pay 10% tax at home, right now Housers is not a good investment for me.

They do have interesting promotions on each project. Extra cashback depending on the amount invested.


I’ve received my first 0.66 EUR dividends on a rental property.

They’ve also added a few more projects on the platform. I’ve invested another 100 EUR in a “Pool of 3 apartments close to University in Riga”. Student accommodation is usually rented fast, so rental properties here should do better than the ones on Housers.

Reinvest24 keeps having promotions – 1% cashback, no fees on some of the properties listed. Have a look at them from time to time if you already invest with them.

Property Partner

It’s been almost 3 months since the “Bath and Oxford Portfolio” property has been funded and the sale isn’t finalized yet. It usually takes around 2 months, so on this one, they’ve outdone themselves on being slow.

I’ve invested another 100 GBP in a student block in Birmingham, with a rental yield of 5.10%. It’s the only property they’ve added in the past month. I like that they don’t hurry and they don’t push to the platform all sorts of properties just so they have volume.

My forecasted dividends are still 1.99 GBP. They should increase after the 2 properties I’ve invested in are finalized.

There’s no news this month on the opportunistic fund I had invested 250 GBP in. I’m planning to send them an email asking for a status update.

British Pearl

British Pearl – no new properties added on the platform, rental income is steady, and more promotions are added every day to the platform. Now you get cashback when you invest in some of the properties.


All my investments (2) moved from the pending state to current so I should receive income from them. They’re currently going through some changes (looking for institutional investors) and they didn’t add new investments in a while.

That’s all for this month, see you next time.

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