My real estate crowdfunding portfolio- April update

It wasn’t really a new year’s resolution but I’ve started in January to keep track of my real estate crowdfunding investments.

It’s a good exercise. At the end of each month, I’m looking into every platform I’ve invested in and see if the results are what I’m expecting and if there is something I should change.

This is the 4th month I’m doing this. You can see my previous month’s results here.

I haven’t added any new platform in my portfolio. It’s still Housers, Reinvest24, Property Partner and British Pearl. Their current value is below.

My real estate crowdfunding portfolio

PlatformInvested capitalCurrent valueProfitCurrency
Housers600 (+50)602 (+51)2 (+1)EUR
Reinvest24400 (+100)392 (+98)-8 (-2)EUR
Property Partner10001012.51 (-2.39)12.51 (-2.39)GBP
British Pearl600614.48 (+22.73)14.48 (+22.73)GBP
Brickowner200203 (+3)3 (+3)GBP

Legend: The numbers in the parentheses signify the increase since last month.


I’ve invested an additional 50 EUR at the beginning of the month in another development loan on Housers with 10% interest rate.

The income dividends from the 2 rental properties continue to disappoint, so I’ll probably sell them on the marketplace and find a better use for those funds.

Housers was a bit of a disappointment this month overall.

When I started investing on the platform it looked so promising. Good opportunities across Southern Europe, with decent due diligence and good returns.

I was ready to ignore the 10% fee (“up to” 10% fee) Housers was going to take out of any profit I made. I’m not greedy and I’m willing to share.

And then this month it finally hit me. Housers is automatically taking taxes out of my payout. It’s stated in the T&C so I should have read that with more attention. Instead of 10% taxes that I should pay at home, I’m paying 19% for Spain projects, 26% for the ones in Italy and 28% for the ones in Portugal.

That 50 EUR I’ve invested this month in Housers might be the last funds I’ll add to this platform in a long while.


I’m still not fully convinced Reinvest24 is a good platform to invest in. However, I keep pushing my luck and I’ve added another 100 EUR this month into another rental project available on their site.

I’m supposed to receive dividends in a few months. Until then, fingers crossed.

Property Partner

My UK real estate empire got slashed a couple of pounds this month. Every few months, Property Partner is doing valuations on their properties. They also adjust the rental dividends of the properties they manage. Since the UK marketplace is not that rosy at the moment, some of the properties I’ve invested in lost a few percents in valuation.

I’m expecting 1.99 GBP per month in rental dividends, so next month I should recover from this month’s loss.

I still have 260 GBP locked in a property that’s still in a pending state. It takes Property Partner around 2 months to wrap up an investment after it’s been funded. And this week it will be 2 months since the investment was funded.

My 250 GBP invested in Property Partner’s “opportunistic fund” are not generating yet any revenue. They’ve managed so far to spend 1.3 million GBP (out of 2.1 million GBP) from the fund in a property in Coventry. Maybe they’ll manage to spend the rest of the fund soon. It’s been almost 3 months since they’ve been looking for opportunities to buy.

British Pearl

When I first found British Pearl on Seedrs I only created an account with them to check if they’re worth investing in. They looked interesting so I bought a few shares in the crowdfunding campaign they had at the end of last year.

Then I said I should add funds on the platform. To keep me aware of what happens and how they evolve.

This month they gave me a present.  They also perform periodic valuations on the properties they manage, as Property Partner does. The properties I’ve invested in increased by 21 GBP in valuation. So, this month is the first month my British Pearl portfolio is worth more than I invested in. It was less before because of the 2% fee I paid when I invested in the properties.

The best part is that I can put my shares on sale on the market and cash in at any time the gains (as long as there’s a buyer). I don’t need to wait for the property to be sold to materialize my theoretical gains.


Brickowner promises big returns from big UK development projects.

This month, I’ve received my first payment for one of the loans on Brickowner. 3 GBP long-awaited. The other loan I’ve invested in is still in a pending state.

I’m waiting to see what new projects they add to the platform. I also own a few shares bought through their Seedrs campaign last year, one more reason why I hope they’ll continue to expand.

Until next month.

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