My p2p lending portfolio (January update)

My p2p lending journey started only last June, so I don’t see yet spectacular increases in revenue, but hopefully, that will come with time.

I’ll try to keep a regular journal on my p2p lending portfolio in order to better track how my investments are doing.

My p2p lending journey started only last June, so I don’t see yet spectacular increases in revenue, but hopefully, that will come with time.

Most of my p2p investments are held in a range of Baltic p2p lending platforms: Mintos, Fast Invest, PeerBerry, GrupeerNeo Finance, EstateGuru and Envestio.

january p2p portfolio by platform

My investment in Bondora is a token investment, and I don’t know yet if I want to invest more into it.

I’m planning to reduce my investments in Twino to zero, but I still have a few months to go before I can do that.

While technically, Fast Invest is a UK registered company, the management team is from Lithuania, so I think setting up shop in London was just a PR move and I’ll still consider them as a p2p lending company from the Baltics.

Without further ado, here are my investments as of January 2019.

My p2p lending portfolio
Platform Invested capital Current value Profit Interest Rate/Annual return Started Investing
Fast Invest 4010 4112 102 August 2018
Mintos 3494 3648 154 June 2018
Viventor 154 154 0 December 2018
NEO Finance 500 450 -50 November 2018
PeerBerry 5000 5021 21 December 2018
EstateGuru 1178 1210 32 August 2018
Grupeer 400 403 3 December 2018
Crowdestate 500 500 0 December 2018
Envestio 758 779 21 November 2018
Crowdestor 200 201 1 0 December 2018
Abundance 100 (GBP) 100 0 10% / ?? January 2019
Bulkestate 100 100 0 12% / ?? December 2018
Twino 34 44 10 August 2018
Bondora 10 10.01 0.1 November 2018
Total 16438 16732 294

The increase/decrease since last month is displayed in the parentheses. ( For example, whenever I deposit/withdraw funds to/from one platform, I add/subtract it from the invested capital in that platform).

All investments except the ones in Brickowner and Abundance are in EUR currency. Since my investments in GBP are really small right now, I won’t bother converting them to EUR for now. I might do that when I’ll do my first withdrawals.


Mintos is the platform I’ve been investing the longest, so my returns are the best so far in my entire portfolio.

The only problem is that 20% of the loans I’ve been investing in are constantly late with their payments. The buyback guarantee makes sure I don’t lose money on them, but I don’t get any profit either.

Deposits: 3550 EUR

Withdrawals: 55.88 EUR (I needed to see how the withdrawal process works and if I’ll have any difficulties)

Current value: 3648 EUR

Profit: 154 EUR

Fast Invest

I’ve recently added 2000 EUR more into my Fast Invest account to see if the amount of funds that are leftover from one day to another is reduced. Fast Invest has this auto-invest optimization problem, where it invests some of your available funds but leaves other uninvested.

From what I see, the problem stays the same. As soon as my balance passes the 10 EUR threshold, it starts investing. Any amounts that are received later in the day from loan repayments will stay in my account uninvested until the next day.

Deposits: 4010 EUR

Withdrawals: 0 EUR

Current value: 4112 EUR

Profit: 102 EUR


I’ve had an account on PeerBerry for a few months now, but only a few weeks ago I’ve decided to give it a try. I like that PeerBerry loans come with a buyback guarantee, which also pays any due interest payments.

Deposits: 5000 EUR

Withdrawals: 0 EUR

Current value: 5021 EUR

Profit: 21 EUR


My Viventor account has been in a trial mode so far. It’s only a few weeks old with minimal funds added to it.

Deposits: 153.8 EUR

Current value: 153.8 EUR

Profit: 0 EUR

Net annual return: 10.43% (expected return)


I’ve written in an article here why I’m moving away from Twino. I’ve added some 275 EUR about half a year ago, but I don’t really like their website so I’m slowly reducing to zero my investments there.

Deposits: 275 EUR

Withdrawals: 241 EUR

Current value: 44 EUR

Profit: 10 EUR


My Bondora portfolio is a bit of a joke. I’ve invested 10 EUR in 10 different 1 EUR loans with an average loan duration of 36 months. I’ve just received the first payments, even if I’ve begun investing 2 months ago. My investments have an average interest rate of 21.8%.

Neo Finance

Neo Finance is a bit different from the other platforms I use because they fund their loans on the platform. They are doing the security assessment on each published loan, and they’re rated based with a risk level of A, B and C, and based on that they offer the borrower an interest rate. If the loan is not funded on the platform, it gets unpublished. I’ve written a bit more about Neo Finance in this article.

It also has a concept named “provision fund”, where you pay a part of the sum you want to invest in a loan in a special fund designed to cover late payments. It makes the loan you invest in a bit more secure, but it also eats up a part of your profits. Since the provision fund is paid at the beginning of the investment, and my account is only 2 months old, my return of investment on the platform doesn’t look too great.

Deposits: 500 EUR

Current value: 450 EUR

Profit: -50 EUR

Net annual return: 11.74%

Subscribing all my investments to the provision fund eats away my profits, but I want to minimize my time on the platform and still be safe. I don’t have enough time to invest in a sufficient number of loans, so my portfolio is diversified enough to not suffer from defaults.


Envestio only offers business loans, not consumer loans, but that’s still crowdlending, and I’ll include it here. I’ve written a review about them here.

The problem with Envestio is that the projects available get funded very fast, sometimes in less than a day, and it’s a bit hard to invest in their projects if you don’t have funds available in your account.

For now, I don’t think I’ll be investing in any more projects on Envestio, and I’ll wait to see how the current ones pay out.

Deposits: 758 EUR

Withdrawals: 335 EUR

Current value: 779 EUR

Profit: 21 EUR

Abundance Investment

I’ve come to like the concept of socially responsible investing so from now on I’ll add a part of my funds to this platform.

My portfolio contains for now only one 10% interest investment in CoGen Limited, a waste gasification facilities developer from the UK. The first payments should start in 7 months.

Deposits: 100 GBP

Current value: 100 GBP


My EstateGuru portfolio is not doing as good as I was expecting, but this is also due to the fact that I invested in a few loans I didn’t research well. A few of them only pay at the end of the loan term and one of them is constantly late with the interest payments. Apparently, the late loan is in the process of selling the property, so I should see my returns for it ahead of the loan term.

Deposits: 1210 EUR

Withdrawals: 32.52 EUR

Current value: 1210 EUR


Just started on Crowdestor and I only have 2 investments here with 17% interest rate.

Deposits: 200 EUR

Current value: 201.04 EUR


I’ve only started to invest in Grupeer last month and I think I’ll grow my portfolio here a bit more. The interest rates are good, at 14%, and all loans come with a buyback guarantee.

Deposits: 400 EUR

Current value: 403 EUR


New portfolio as well, with an average interest rate of 11.8%.

Deposits: 500 EUR

Current value: 500 EUR


I’m planning to invest more in Bulkestate, for now, I only have one 100 EUR invested in a 6 months 15% interest loan.

Deposits: 100 EUR

Current value: 100 EUR