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(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)

Mintos is a peer to peer lending platform founded in Latvia in 2015. Currently, they offer an easy way to invest in loans from 28 countries originated from 58 lending companies. Since they started, they funded loans worth more than 1.4 billion EUR.

You can start investing in loans with multiple currencies with only 10 EUR.


  • the company started in 2015
  • 200.000+ loans from 28 countries
  • most of the loans come with a buyback guarantee
  • all loan originators are required to keep skin in the game (5% to 10%) for all the loans they provide
  • interest rates range from 7% to 18%
  • huge marketplace: more than 50 lending companies offer their loans on Mintos
  • the secondary market is even more active than the primary market
  • auto invest tool fully equipped with all possible customizations
  • no fees when adding or withdrawing money, no fees whatsoever

My Mintos portfolio (as of January 2019)

Started investing: June 25th, 2018

Deposits: 3550 EUR

Withdrawals: 55.88 EUR

Current Value: 3645.36 EUR

I’m mainly investing through the auto invest tool, so my Mintos portfolio has been running by itself for the most part. I’ve recently started to look more into the loan originators and their ratings because I’m trying to reduce the rate of the loans that are late with their payments (currently at 20%).

All the loans I’ve been investing in have a buyback guarantee. This means I get a bit lower returns (the maximum interest rates I found were at 12.5%) but my portfolio feels safer.

Also, because I want to be able to exit relatively fast from Mintos if I need to, I only invested in loans that have a loan term of maximum 14 months.

How it works

Mintos doesn’t offer loans to lenders. Instead, it acts as a marketplace for loans. It publishes on the website loans already funded by 3rd party loan originators outside the website. These loan originators already did a credit risk assessment on the loan and set an interest rate based on it. After the loan was paid (from the lending company money) the loan is listed on the Mintos website and investors can buy shares of the loan.

In turn, Mintos does a risk assessment and periodic evaluations of the loan originators. It rates them from A to D (around 10 levels) based on company health, financial status, quality of loans.

essential guide to Mintos

Can I join Mintos

You can open an account on Mintos from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a European Union bank account (or some other account compatible with EU). Mintos needs this to validate the investors’ identity.

You can add funds in different currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, PLN, DKK, etc.) either by bank transfer or by using different e-money providers like Transferwise, Paysera, CurrencyFair or Revolut.

Transferwise is a good way to save up some money in currency conversion fees. Especially if your bank account currency is not in EUR or in one of the currencies you want to transfer to Mintos.

invest in Mintos

Why invest in Mintos

Mintos is one of the best on the peer to peer market because of the large amounts of loans it provides, the different types of loans offered, the multitude of countries it offers loans from and the many loan originators on the platform. All these allow investors to diversify their portfolio and lower the risk of losing money.

It’s a big marketplace

The platform has loans from 28 countries like Armenia, Denmark, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Spain, Sweden,  Zambia and many others.

The types of loans offered are also well diversified: mortgage loans, car loans, invoice financing, business loans, short-term loans, personal loans and agricultural loans.

Mintos has registered investors from all over the world. There are currently 90.000+ investors registered on the platform. The average investment sum per investor is 4.526 EUR.

mintos investor statistics

The average net annual return for investors is 11.6%. The loan interest rates range from 5% to 18%, although the ones I use, with buyback guarantee, have a cap at 14% interest rate.

Skin in the game

All loan originators that place loans on the marketplace are required to keep a certain percentage (5%, 10%) invested in each loan. So it’s in their interest to approve loans that have a low default rate, otherwise, they’ll lose money too. This also makes sure that loan originators don’t just sell on the platform their bad loans and keep the more profitable loans to themselves (hopefully).

Buyback Guarantee

Many loans come with a buyback guarantee policy. If the loan payments are more than 60 days late, the loan originator will purchase back the investment from you. You’ll lose the interest payments owed for those 60 days, but your capital won’t be locked or lost in a bad investment.

The loans with a buyback guarantee come with a slightly lower interest rate than loans without it. I can’t find loans with 18% interest rate and with a buyback guaranteed policy. The interest rates are around 10-12% and that’s still decent. I’d advise everyone to only invest in loans with a buyback policy but this depends on each one’s risk profile.

Investing in Mintos

Once the money is added to your Mintos investor account, you can begin building your investment portfolio, either by using the Auto Invest tool or by browsing loan listings.

You’ll receive interest payments each month from the loans you invested in. At the end of the loan term, you’ll also receive your invested principal back. You can either reinvest the interest payments or withdraw them to your bank account.

The primary market

There are more than 200.000 loans available on the primary market. Each loan has additional details about the borrower, payment schedule, collateral (if any).

mintos loan listings

The number of filters offered on the page could satisfy even the biggest control freaks in the world. There’s interest rates range, loan term range, currency, loan originator, country, loan-to-value ratio (if the loan has collateral), type of loan, buyback guaranteed or not, whether you invested already in it or not, and so on. I’m usually selecting loans in EUR and with a buyback guarantee, and restrict the loan term range to 3 to 14 months. I’m not ready yet for a bigger commitment. But to do so I need to scroll through another 30 filters I’m not interested in. So the level of customization allowed is great, but it somehow prevents you sometimes to do your job faster.

Account Overview

Here you can view all your transactions and the status of the loans you invested in.

You can see how your investments are doing, how many are late with their payments and how much interest you gained so far.

There are also a few nice graphics showing the level of diversification of your loans by country, loan type, loan originator.mintos account overview

Mintos Auto Invest

You don’t have enough time or will to check in daily on Mintos and invest your funds in new loans? No problem. Mintos has an auto-invest tool that you can set up and let it do the investment for you. You can turn your Mintos investment profile into a passive income tool.

You can still invest manually any time you log in, that is if you have any funds left that the auto-invest tool didn’t already invest.

mintos auto invest predefined strategies

If you don’t know what settings to add to your auto-invest profile, Mintos already has 3 predefined setups to choose from. If you need more control, you can create your custom strategy and set it up the way you want it.

Some of the parameters you can choose while auto investing is loan type, loan originator, country, buyback guarantee and others. You can also set it to invest only in loans in a given range of interest percentage.

But again, the level of customization is so granular that it would take you days to be able to actually use all the available filters.

Most of the filters are set at loan originator level. I’ve no idea who the loan originators are and their history. I’m only interested in EUR loans with a buyback guaranteed policy. I’m not going to spend days or weeks researching about each loan originator and decide if they’re trustworthy or not.

So I need to select first the loan originators I’m interested in, even though I don’t know shit about them. And then for each one, I’ll select the filters I’m interested in – which is always 1 filter for me, buyback guaranteed loans only. If a new loan originator is added to the Mintos marketplace, I will need to manually add it to my auto-invest setup. Of course, I’ll apply the same filter to that one too – buyback guaranteed only.

Recently, I’ve only selected the loan originators with Mintos ratings A and B, to see if the number of loans from my portfolio that are late with their payments gets reduced.

I’m also trying to sell on the Secondary Market the loans that are constantly late with their payments. Some of them have decent interest rates, so they might find a buyer once they’re not late anymore.

Mintos Secondary Market

The secondary market is the place where you can sell your investments before the end of the loan term. Or the place where you can find great bargains other investors are offering because they want to exit their investment earlier.

The interface and the filters are similar to the ones on the primary market. And there are also around 200.000 loans available.

mintos secondary market

You can use the secondary market from time to time to find loans that have better interest rates than the ones offered at the moment on the primary market. The interest rates offered on the loans from the primary market vary from time to time. Some days you can find good deals with a 12% interest rate, other days you’ll only find deals at 10.5% interest rate. These low-interest rate days are a good reason to check if the secondary market doesn’t have better deals at a 12% – 14% interest rate.

Conclusions on Mintos

Mintos is the largest peer to peer lending platform in Europe (except the UK).  There are 58 lenders from 28 countries and currently there are more than 200.000 loans offered in the primary market.

The auto-invest tool is a great way to turn your investment into passive income. You set the parameters you’re interested in: loan type, country, loan originator (if you know something about them) and then let it run, collect payments and reinvest them.

Mintos has a buyback guarantee on some of the loans, which is all the loans I invest in. Unless Mintos or the loan originator goes bankrupt, you’ll always get your money back at the latest in 60 days.

The secondary market is a good option to have. In case you want to free up your funds fast, you can sell early your investments instead of waiting for the end of the loan terms.

The website offers a huge number of loan filters. For me, there are too many filters that I’m not going to use and make me spend more time on the platform than I would want to.

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You can also view how my Mintos portfolio is doing after 6 months of investing on the platform.


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