My real estate crowdfunding portfolio after 6 months

This June marks half a year since I started to keep track of my real estate crowdfunding portfolio. For most of the platforms I have in my portfolio, it also marks 6 months since I started investing in them.

This June marks half a year since I started to keep track of my real estate crowdfunding portfolio.

For most of the platforms I have in my portfolio, it also marks 6 months since I started investing in them.

Since last month, I’ve added to my portfolio 200 EUR and 200 GBP, thus increasing my portfolio size with 14%:

  • 100 EUR to Housers (50 EUR come from referral links)
  • 99 EUR to Reinvest24
  • 100 GBP to Property Partner
  • 100 GBP to Brickowner

Removing the cents and pennies, I received a total dividend income of 1 GBP. I’ll explain a bit later.

Below is the current state of my portfolio:

PlatformInvested capitalCurrent valueProfitCurrency
Housers599 (+100)603 (+101)4 (+1)EUR
Reinvest24599 (+99)588 (+98)-11 (-1)EUR
Property Partner1196 (+100)1211 (+99)15 (-1)GBP
British Pearl600618 (+2)18 (+2)GBP
Brickowner300 (+100)303 (+100)3GBP

Legend: The numbers in the parentheses signify the increase since last month.

This is how my portfolio evolved for the past 6 months:

my real estate crowdfunding portfolio january to june

Except for a small hiccup on Housers in May, my portfolio increased in the past 6 months on all the 5 platforms I’ve been investing in.

Previous updates:

Even without converting GBP to EUR (not relevant for the current graph), my biggest share of the investments has always been Property Partner (and Property Partner still is my favourite platform).


Housers decided in the past 2 months to offer 2% cash back on most of their available projects. I couldn’t stay away.

So, I decided to add 50 EUR to the platform and invest in one of the Spain loans. Later this month I’ve also received 50 EUR from 2 investors that used my referral link to register and invest on the platform (thanks for the vote of confidence) (they also earned a similar reward).

Now, even if I didn’t plan to, I’ve increased my portfolio on Housers with roughly 20%.

I’ve received this month interest payments worth 1.5 EUR. Given that half of my portfolio is buy-to-sell properties, and 2 of the 6 development loans I’ve invested in are still in the funding phase, the income is in line with what I would expect from Housers.

I still don’t like the fact that Housers withholds the taxes before paying me interest, but I start to get used to the idea.


I’ve received another 0.66 EUR dividend from one of the rental properties I’ve invested in. Starting next month, I should receive an additional 0.6 EUR from another rental property, according to the payment schedule.

Since I had 1 full EUR from dividends, I’ve decided to add 99 EUR more and invest 100 EUR more in the “Pool of 3 apartments close to the University of Riga” project, raising my total investment in the project to 200 EUR. This project doesn’t seem to be very popular, due to slightly lower returns than the other 2 projects available, so it might take a bit more to be funded.

Property Partner

I’ve invested 100 GBP in a student rental from Aberdeen offering a 5.04% monthly dividend. The transaction costs and the latest valuation adjustments on one of my investment properties (due to some unexpected work they needed to do in order to be fire regulations compliant) ate the entire 1.9 GBP dividends received this month and even more.

The Bath and Oxford portfolio is still in a pending state, for almost 3 months now. From the latest update that Property Partner sent shareholders this month, I gather the delay is caused by missing paperwork in the due diligence process. Maybe next month.

At this point, more than half of my portfolio is in a pending state. Only 500 GBP from my portfolio is currently generating any income.

British Pearl

Nothing new on British Pearl this month. I’ve received 1.45 GBP rental dividends, which I promptly invested back into one of the properties I currently own in my portfolio.

So far, British Pearl is the most constant platform from an income point of view. Maybe because they still struggle to find investors to fully fund the 8 properties they currently have in their portfolio, and they didn’t add any new property in a long time.


I kept track of my investments here for the first months in my p2p lending portfolio. After thinking about it for a few months, I think it is more suitable to keep track of it on this page, along with my other real estate crowdfunding investments. The investments are structured either as shares or bonds issued by the borrower companies, and most of the dividends are paid when the investment property is sold. You can read more about Brickowner here.

I’ve invested 100 GBP this month in a new property development project owned by LPV Ascend. The investment term should last 3 years and the total return is expected to be 69%.

 Other platforms

I was looking for an alternative to Housers in the Mediterranean and found Walliance (while browsing through the eurocrowd list of members). The platform isn’t exactly new (2017) but its English translation is.

The projects are only from Italy, and they’re either buy-to-sell, rental or development projects. While I don’t have enough funds to invest in any of their projects, since the minimum investment is 500-1000 EUR per project, I thought they’re worth a mention for future reference.

I liked the fact that they contacted me to tell me that I need an Italian fiscal code in order to invest with them, but they can do the paperwork for me (go to an Italian office with a copy of my passport and register a fiscal code for me) if I want to invest with them.

Final words on my real estate crowdfunding portfolio

While my 3500 EUR worth of investments (approximately) can hardly be called a real estate portfolio, it has the perfect size for learning.

It’s big enough to keep my interest active and learn more about real estate and crowdfunding, and small enough that I won’t feel it if returns aren’t what I expected.

That’s all for this month.