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(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)

Do you want to invest in real estate, energy, transport and startup projects from as little as 100 EUR with 15% annual return rates?

Crowdestor is the answer. This little real estate crowdfunding platform based in Estonia publishes on its website secured loans with interest rates that vary from 12% to 36%.

Key highlights

  • 12% to 36% interest rates
  • no fees
  • no buyback guarantee
  • no secondary market
  • no auto invest tool

My portfolio (as of January 2019)

Started investing: December 19th, 2018

Deposits: 200 EUR

Current value: 201.04 EUR

I’ve invested so far in a Moscow restaurant and a transportation company from the UK. They both have a 17% interest rate, so that’s pretty good.

Opening an account on Crowdestor

You need to have a bank account in the EEA in order to open an account on Crowdestor. Once you register you can add money to your account by bank transfer. If your bank account is not in EUR, you can cut some currency conversion costs by using Transferwise. If you don’t have a Transferwise account, you can open one here.

Invest in Grupeer

Investing in Crowdestor

The website’s user interface is very simple. It has a list of available projects, and each project has its separate page with the purpose of the loan, loan term, interest rate, collateral and other details.

crowdestor project details

The project page contains also the real estate development documentation, including building plans, balance sheet, SWOT analysis.

When you’ve made up your mind, you can select the amount you want to invest and that’s it.

crowdestor invest in project

There’s no auto-invest tool or a secondary market where you could sell your investment to other users.

It feels like this website needs a bit more work in order to catch up with other similar platforms.

Conclusions on Crowdestor

The website seems to be a bit unfinished. There are missing features like auto-invest and a marketplace for investors that want to get out of their investment before the loan term.

There are currently only 3 active projects to invest, so there are not too many options to choose from.

The projects and returns rate are really great, so despite the look and feel of the platform, it can still be a good option for real estate investment.


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