12 IPOs I’m watching in 2021

Despite all odds, 2020 was a good year for the IPO market. A few companies I was interested in went public and I was able to buy stock: Airbnb, Doordash, Snowflake, and Palantir.

Published:  Monday, 25 January 2021
Author:  Daniel

In 2019, I’ve bought Pinterest shares as soon as they went public. The stock flatlined for about a year, and then it started to grow from 24 USD to 65 USD. At this point, I decided to sell, as its price was too out of sync with what the company is worth. Pinterest made a big part of my stock portfolio profits in 2020.

This year, I decided to look in advance at upcoming IPOs, and make a list of company stock I’d buy as soon as they get public. Below is the list I made.


Arrival is a small EV manufacturer from the UK, producing electric vans and buses. Among their early investors are Hyundai, Kia Motors, and UPS. It’s expected to go live in the first quarter of this year, at a valuation of over 5 billion USD. Since the EV market is all the hype now, I’m sure it will grow fast (that’s until all the EV stock market crashes).


I’ve been using Coinbase for the past 2 years and I like how the website is evolving and its features. Being able to also own a part of it would be interesting.

When does it go public and at what valuation, I have no idea. I only know they submitted a draft registration with the SEC last December.


I’ve only used the free tier of Coursera and didn’t know they actually make any money. Apparently, they’re looking for an IPO in 2021, valued at around 5 billion USD.


Food delivery companies are at their peak now, and I’m assuming many of them want to go public as fast as they can before they bleed out all the funding received. Deliveroo is expected to go public in early 2021, on both London and New York exchanges. I’ve also bought stock in Doordash, so why not buy Deliveroo too.

Dr Martens

Dr Martens is one of the UK’s most known footwear brands, and I’ve never heard of it. However, when it comes to hot brands in fashion, I listen to my wife. They've been on the rise for the past years and they have a solid brand.


Flipkart, one of India’s biggest online retailers, is looking for an IPO on the US market in 2021, at a possible valuation of 40 billion USD. It could be the next Amazon, Alibaba, or MercadoLibre, so it has great potential to become viral among Robinhood investors.


Gitlab is not a well-known company outside the coding world. I started to use it in 2018 after Microsoft acquired Github, and lots of developers from there moved to Gitlab, as a sign of protest against the giant corporation squashing the open-source space.

It has lots of cool features, and I can only see it grow in the next years. It was supposed to list at the end of last year, so I’m expecting to finally go public any day now.


Instacart will be one of the big IPOs in 2021, with a valuation of around 30 billion USD. Grocery delivery exploded in 2020 due to the pandemic, and it’s something I’d use all the time if it was available locally, instead of wasting time in shopping lines.


Robinhood is popular for lots of wrong reasons, but at the same time, it is a disruptor in the stockbrokers’ space. It’s supposed to go public in the first quarter of 2020, at a valuation of around 20 billion USD.


I’ve only tried out Squarespace a while ago, but I liked its sleek look and ease of use. It plans to go public in the first half of 2021 and would be interesting to own a few stocks.


Transferwise is planning to go public on the London Stock Exchange sometime this year at around 5 billion USD valuation. I've been using their products for the past 2 years and I like them, so if the price is right I'll also invest in them.


Trustpilot is a smaller company from Denmark and it’s expected to go public at a valuation of 1 billion USD. I’m using it constantly to read reviews on products I use, so why not invest in them.


I haven’t used their product, but UiPath is one of the only success stories from Romania. It’s supposed to go public in February, at a valuation of around 15 billion USD.

Final words

This is my current list for 2021. Depending on how high they’re valued, I’ll buy stock in these companies as soon as they go public.