4 niche equity crowdfunding platforms you didn't know about

When it comes to equity crowdfunding, my go-to platforms are Seedrs and Crowdcube. These are generic platforms, presenting startups from all over Europe and from every possible industry domain. For more specialized investments, like farming or art, have a look at these 4 crowdfunding platforms.

Published:  Wednesday, 13 March 2019
Author:  Daniel

Invest in art

If you want to buy shares in a Pablo Picasso or Claude Monet painting, Masterworks.io is the platform to go. You can buy shares in paintings the same way you would buy shares in a public company.

The platform buys paintings with historical appreciation rates between 9-15% and then offers shares of the paintings to investors.

Minimum investments depend on the project. Currently, there’s a project available letting you invest from 500 USD.

The plan is to hold the painting for 5 to 10 years and meanwhile look for an art collector that wants to buy the painting. When one is found, the shareholders will vote if they want to sell the painting, and the majority wins.

Invest in wine

How much do you like wine? Did you ever want to retire in the south of France and make your own wine? But you lack the talent and the know-how to do it?

If wine is your passion and you know your trade, you can invest small amounts in great wine companies from France.

Winefunding has 3 ways you can invest in the companies looking for funding:

The minimum investment amounts depend on the project. Wine pay-back project offers rewards with only 15 EUR. Other investment opportunities start from 100 EUR.

Invest in agriculture

Do you want to get more in touch with the food on your table? You don’t necessarily need to grow your own food.

With Harvest Returns, you can own a small part of a farm from anywhere in the world.

Hydroponic, traditional or livestock farms from the US, Africa, India, and lots of other places.

The expected return on the investments is from 8% to 19% yearly. Not bad for a behind-the-desk farmer.

If the minimum investment of 5000 USD on a project doesn’t scare you, have a look at the platform.

Invest in cannabis

Do you think the legal cannabis industry is not too overvalued and there’s still a lot of space to grow for it?

You’re afraid you lost the train on the good companies that are listed on the stock market and they’re too expensive to buy now?

You can try Fundanna, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to cannabis startups. You can invest in the next big medical marijuana grower for as little as 100 USD. With your funds, you can either buy equity in the company or buy convertible notes and receive yearly dividends.

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