Wisefund – a simple review after 3 months

Wisefund is a new and promising p2p business lending platform from Estonia. With an average interest rate of 18% on its loans, it promises its investors good returns. The company was founded only in March 2019, and as of November, it has around 1500 investors who invested a bit over 3 million EUR on the […]

October update on my p2p lending portfolio

October is the month I usually get fat. It’s always raining outside, it’s cold and suddenly, I have nothing physical to do. I’m still eating the same but I’m burning less energy and the excess starts to get visible. Each year I make plans to go to the gym, and each year I remember how boring it is to do the same things over and over and quietly decide not to

6 months around the world – how much I've spent?

There are few things in life I enjoy more than travelling. The feeling when I look around and new horizons lay before my eyes makes life truly wonderful. My parents weren’t keen on travelling. Their idea of a vacation was visiting relatives in the countryside, staying there for a week or two, and then come […]

Would I be able to retire and live off my p2p investments earnings?

Since June last year, my p2p lending portfolio grew from 10 EUR to 20.000 EUR. I didn’t intend to grow it this fast, but accidents happen. I couldn’t learn about a platform by reading what others were saying, so I had to try it out. Add some funds. See how payments come. See how the platform handles customer requests and other issues. After I got comfortable with one platform, I couldn’t just withdraw the funds. The returns were too good to leave them there.
This got me wondering if I could live off my p2p investments earnings. And how much time it would take until I’d be able to do so. And I started tinkering with numbers.