If saving the planet is part of your priorities, Abundance Investment helps you do this and also gives you a nice profit.

Abundance Investment is a UK based investment platform opened in 2012. It offers green investments, mainly renewable projects in the UK, that contribute to a better world.

The platform lets investors buy debentures (unsecured bonds) and receive shares of the profits from the sale of green energy along with repayment of their initial investment.

Most of the investments are long-term, 15 to 20 years, although in recent years some short-term loan projects (2-3 years) were added as well. Most likely these will be refinanced at some point with long-term debentures.

Key highlights

  • invest in green energy projects
  • projects from 2 years to 20 years long
  • annual returns from 5% to 12%
  • no buyback guarantee

My portfolio on Abundance Investment

Started investing: January 2019

Deposits: 150 GBP

Current value: 150 GBP

Updated: July 2019

I’ve come to like the concept of socially responsible investing so from now on I’ll add a part of my funds to this platform.

My portfolio contains for now:

  • one 10% interest investment in CoGen Limited, a waste gasification facilities developer from the UK.
  • one 7% interest affordable housing project in Liverpool

I should receive my first interest payment in August.

Opening an account

Only the UK, EEA and Switzerland residents can invest with Abundance Investment. The process is simple and it takes less than 5 minutes.

You can deposit money either by debit card or bank transfer. If your bank account is not in GBP, you can use Transferwise to cut the costs on currency conversion fees. If you don’t have a Transferwise account, you can open one here.

Open projects

All the projects are green energy related. They’re both long-term (16+ years) and shorter term. On the project details page more information about the project is presented, along with a payment plan.

abundance investment projects


You can buy investments from other investors. Or, if for any reason you wish to free up your capital, you can also sell your investments here. The offers from different investors are grouped by project, and you can select the offer that suits you best (cheapest).

abundance investment marketplace

Conclusions on Abundance Investment

Abundance Investment is one of the good guys.

Still, I have mixed feelings about this platform. I like the idea of ethical investing and supporting companies that promote a greener economy.

On the other hand, investing in 20-year-long projects requires a leap of faith. I am able to invest a small amount in the idea of a better world, but I wouldn’t put a large sum here yet.


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