Do you want to get a 30% return on investment from p2p lending with almost no risk? You have the chance to do exactly this on ViaInvest.

Too good to be true? I’d be sceptical as well. But it is true. (And the devil is in the details).

ViaInvest just launched a refer-a-friend campaign offering 10 EUR bonus for each investor that registers on the platform and invests at least 50 EUR. They also offer a 10 EUR bonus to the referrer (me), so if you use Via Invest, I’ll graciously thank you.

Who is ViaInvest

ViaInvest is a p2p lending marketplace from Latvia launched in 2016 that offers short-term consumer loans from Sweden, Spain, Latvia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The interest rates given to investors are decent, between 9% and 11%. It’s nothing to brag about, and other platforms offer consumer loans with higher interest rates (see my reviews on Fast Invest or Robocash).

ViaInvest is the child of VIA SMS Group and the loans issued on the platform are coming from lenders belonging to the same group.

The group is in a good financial state. It increased its revenue in 2018 by 22%, reaching almost 25 million EUR, with a 3 million EUR profit (double than in 2017).

Their operating model is similar to what Robocash Group is doing with Robo.cash and ALFA Finance is doing with its doFinance platform.

How do I get a 30% return on my investment

The average interest rate for the investments on the platform is 10.05%, not nearly close enough to the 30% expected return.

That’s where the refer-a-friend bonus comes in. If you invest 50 EUR on the platform until April 30, you get the additional 10 EUR bonus. From the start, that’s a 20% return on your investment. Added to the 10% interest rate on the 50 EUR invested capital, you get more than 30% return.

I’m not going to dwell into how the investment bonus would also earn interest and your final return of investment would 32.23239878737625693930% or something similar. We’re only talking about 15 EUR easy return on a 50 EUR investment, not millions.

If you’ll like the platform, you’ll probably invest more, and the short-term return will be somewhat smaller.

3 types of loans are offered:

  • Short-term – fixed term loans from 7 to 30 days
  • Instalment loans – from 3 to 12 months
  • Credit line – the borrower can choose to pay either in 30 days or pay monthly instalments until the loan is repaid

If you plan to exit your investment early, the short-term loans would be the best option.

Why invest your money on ViaInvest

ViaInvest is a good sized p2p lending platform with about 10.000 investors already registered on it. At the moment there are around 5000 loans available on the platform, and it’s not due to the lack of investors.

The loans come with a buyback guarantee, meaning the loans are purchased back by the platform if the payments are more than 30 days late. The buyback also includes the accrued interest for the late period as well.

The minimum investment on the platform is 10 EUR.

If you don’t like to spend time manually looking for loans, you can set up an auto-invest profile and let it do the work for you.

You can sell your investment back to ViaInvest using an initialize buyback option on all long-term loans after you keep your investment for at least 120 days.

Can you join the platform

You need to be a resident of an EEA (European Economic Area) country or Switzerland to be able to create an account on the platform and invest.


ViaInvest is a good, stable p2p lending marketplace to invest in. Its strong points are:

  • buyback guarantee that includes also the late period
  • minimum investment of only 10 EUR
  • auto-invest tool that runs the business for you
  • possibility to exit your investment early through the initialize buyback option
  • good interest rates from 9% to 11% on the loans offered

And it also has a refer-a-friend campaign that gives you a 10 EUR bonus when you invest at least 50 EUR on the platform. If you invest before May 31. All in all, it’s a good platform to invest in.

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