risk and return dices

A risk vs return analysis of my p2p lending portfolio

In the past year I’ve tried out almost 30 European p2p lending platforms. In broad lines, the all follow the same business model: I lend money through them and I get paid interest, and they get a fee. But how do I rank them? If I was to make a top 10, I know which platforms would get into that list. I know Mintos would be my top 1 platform, but why is that?

p2p earnings in 20 years

Would I be able to retire and live off my p2p investments earnings?

Since June last year, my p2p lending portfolio grew from 10 EUR to 20.000 EUR. I didn’t intend to grow it this fast, but accidents happen. I couldn’t learn about a platform by reading what others were saying, so I had to try it out. Add some funds. See how payments come. See how the platform handles customer requests and other issues. After I got comfortable with one platform, I couldn’t just withdraw the funds. The returns were too good to leave them there.

This got me wondering if I could live off my p2p investments earnings. And how much time it would take until I’d be able to do so. And I started tinkering with numbers.