Iban Wallet online investments platform intro
 Iban Wallet is an online investment platform which allows users to invest in different accounts with different interest rates and terms by offering a hassle-free, passive management experience. Iban’s projected returns range from 2.5% to 6%.
Marta Aug 6, 2019
Flender review: invest in Irish SMEs
Flender is a p2p lending platform that offers loans for Irish small and medium enterprises. Since they started in 2015, they’ve raised more than 22 million EUR in loans and generated for their 5000+ investors an average return of 9.9%.
Daniel Jun 15, 2019
My initial thoughts on Robocash
Robocash is a peer-to-peer lending platform based in Croatia that offers short-term consumer loans to its investors. The loans currently available come with a 12% interest rate and all have a buyback guarantee. The buyback guarantee means if a loan is late by 30 days, Robo.cash buys back the loan from the investors and also pays the interest owed for the late period.
Daniel Jun 7, 2019
My first impressions on doFinance
DoFinance is a p2p lending platform offering consumer loans to its investors. It’s part of Alfa Finance group, and it only offers loans originated from lenders belonging to the same group (KreditCepat, TaniKredyt and Opoqa Finance).
Daniel May 23, 2019
A Viventor review after 1 year
Viventor is a Latvian marketplace lender offering highly attractive returns to its p2p investors. Since I started investing, my annual return has been 14%
Daniel Mar 6, 2019