A Monethera review after 6 months
Monethera is the newest player in p2p business lending town. You can invest in real estate projects, business loans, green energy, logistics or technology companies and earn up to 22% per year in interest.
Daniel Nov 8, 2019
Wisefund – a simple review after 3 months
Wisefund is a new and promising p2p business lending platform from Estonia. With an average interest rate of 18% on its loans, it promises its investors good returns. The company was founded only in March 2019, and as of November, it has around 1500 investors who invested a bit over 3 million EUR on the […]
Daniel Nov 6, 2019
Fast Invest P2P Lending Platform Review
Fast Invest is a peer to peer lending platform offering loans from multiple European lenders. It started in 2015 in the United Kingdom and it currently has more than 30.000 daily users.
Daniel Sep 20, 2019
Swaper p2p lending site – first impressions
Swaper is a Latvian p2p lending marketplace offering short-term consumer loans to its investors with a 12% interest rate. For investors that put more than 5000 EUR into their account, they offer an extra 2% interest rate on their investments.
Daniel Aug 11, 2019