Swaper is a Latvian p2p lending marketplace offering short-term consumer loans to its investors with a 12% interest rate. For investors that put more than 5000 EUR into their account, they offer an extra 2% interest rate on their investments.

Some key statistics on Swaper:

  • more than 2000 investors on the platform
  • loans funded over 60 million EUR
  • more than 1 million EUR in interest paid to its investors

Swaper is part of Wandoo Finance Group – a lending company with operations in Georgia, Poland, Denmark, Russia and Spain.

The loans offered on the platform are pre-funded unsecured consumer loans from the parent company. They all come with a buyback guarantee. For short-term loans, the buyback guarantee kicks in after 30 days, and for long-term ones, after 60 days. The buyback includes also the accrued interest for the late period.

Platform highlights

  • Launched: October 2016
  • Headquarters:
  • Loan types: Short-term consumer loans loans
  • Loan terms: 1 to 12 months
  • Loans funded: 120 million EUR
  • Interest rates: 12% (14% when you invest more than 5000 EUR)
  • Fees: no fees
  • Minimum investment: 10 EUR
  • Currency: EUR
  • Secondary market: yes
  • Auto-invest: yes
  • Buyback guarantee: yes
  • Accepts investors from: EEA countries
  • Bonus: 2% loyalty bonus when investing more than 5000 EUR


Other European peer-to-peer lending platforms offering short-term consumer loans: Robo.cash, doFinance, PeerBerry.

Becoming a Swaper investor

You need to be a resident of an EEA (European Economic Area) country in order to join Swaper.

I’ve funded my account with 100 EUR sometime in April using Revolut. In the first part of the year, Swaper suffered from a lack of loan supply, so it took a few days for my funds to be invested.

Withdrawing funds

There’s a minimum limit of 10 EUR when you withdraw funds.

Platform experience

I like the simplicity of the website and its ease of use. There are no complicated options here.

The minimum investment is 10 EUR and you can either invest manually or through the auto-invest tool.

There is also a secondary market where you can sell your current loans and exit your investment earlier. I was able to sell all my investments in less than an hour and withdraw my funds.

swaper autoinvest

As I want to spread my risk into as many loans as possible, and I don’t want to spend too much time researching individual loans, the auto-invest tool is more suitable for me.

Summary on Swaper

Swaper is a good option if you want to diversify your p2p lending portfolio into short-term consumer loans.

The 12% interest rates are not bad at all and all the loans come with a buyback guarantee, meaning Swaper buys back all loans from you if they default. The loans also pay interest on the late period.

As with all other payday lenders, my only problem with Swaper is that their business model is based on issuing loans with interest rates well over 100% to its borrowers. That’s highly unethical, and if the countries where they issue loans decide to tighten their legislation (Poland, Denmark, Spain), Swaper will sure suffer a blow.

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