Personal finance and the shameless act of selling
A few weeks ago my company invited an external speaker and he held this course named “Financial Intelligence”. In essence, it was a good initiative. Teaching IT geeks getting paid high salaries that life is not all about spending. Our schools used to teach us math, chemistry, physics, history, geography, biology, and nothing about real life. For the generations brought up under communism, money didn’t have any value. When we finally graduated to democracy, our teachers didn’t know anything about personal finance. Since they didn’t understand its importance, they never bothered to learn and then teach us about it.
Daniel Nov 24, 2019
6 months around the world – how much I’ve spent?
There are few things in life I enjoy more than travelling. The feeling when I look around and new horizons lay before my eyes makes life truly wonderful. My parents weren’t keen on travelling. Their idea of a vacation was visiting relatives in the countryside, staying there for a week or two, and then come […]
Daniel Oct 16, 2019
How I run my WordPress site for (almost) free
I received an email last month telling me my hosting subscription is due to expire and I’ll need to renew it. Of course, my hosting provider also told me they’ll be nice and auto-renew my subscription, so I don’t lose my websites.
Daniel Aug 14, 2019