Retired crowdlending platforms

Over the past 2 years, I’ve tested out more than 30 European crowdlending platforms. I’m still invested in some, while I dropped out of others for various reasons:

  • I didn’t like them (e.g. Bondora)
  • I didn’t like the returns (e.g. Assetz Capital)
  • I didn’t like the type of loans offered (e.g. Swaper,
  • Too similar to other platforms in my portfolio (e.g. Twino)
  • They went bankrupt (Envestio, Kuetzal)

For the last criteria, I had no choice, obviously.

January 2020

I’ve moved here Kuetzal and Envestio, besides the other platforms I’ve tried in the past and decided to exit. Being forced to exit because the platform doesn’t exist anymore it’s a first, but apparently it can happen in the Baltics.

October 2019

After the previous month’s exit from Swaper, in October I’ve also exited my investments from doFinance, viaInvest, Robocash and Assetz Capital.

I’ve stopped investing in Assetz Capital because of the low returns. While I still think it’s a good platform to invest in, the much higher returns from other platforms make it hard for me to invest in them.

The others, while they offered around 12% annual returns, they didn’t bring any extra diversification to my portfolio, so I’ve sees no need to keep them.

September 2019

Swaper was the easiest to leave. It took 10 minutes to sell all my investments on the secondary market, and my funds were in my bank account the next day. I would only go back to Swaper if I had 5000 EUR to invest and receive a 14% interest rate on my investments.

February 2019

My Bondora portfolio was a bit of a joke. I’ve invested 10 EUR in 10 different 1 EUR loans with an average loan duration of 36 months. After 6 months, I just sold all of them on the secondary market, took my 1 EUR profits and moved on.

On Twino, I had some 275 EUR for about half a year, but I don’t really like their website, so I’ve reduced to zero my investments there. The returns were not too bad, and I might go back to Twino at some point in the future.