A short review on Brickstarter
Brickstarter is the place to go if you want to invest in Spanish vacation rental properties. This real estate crowdfunding platform buys tourist rental properties, renovates them and then sells them back at an increased value.
Daniel Jul 14, 2019
My real estate crowdfunding portfolio- April update
It wasn’t really a new year’s resolution but I’ve started in January to keep track of my real estate crowdfunding investments. It’s a good exercise. At the end of each month, I’m looking into every platform I’ve invested in and see if the results are what I’m expecting and if there is something I should change.
Daniel May 1, 2019
My real estate investments portfolio (March update)
It’s the third month I’m keeping track of my real estate investments portfolio and I’m starting to like it. I was even looking forward to seeing how my investments are doing. My portfolio is doing a bit better than last month. In March I’ve received a rental income of around 4 EUR, 25% increase from my February income of 3 EUR. It’s not exactly what I imagined when I envisioned my real estate empire but everyone has to start somewhere. I’m starting from 4 EUR a month. I’ve also added around 450 EUR to my real estate portfolio this month, pushing my total investments to 2750 EUR. (I’m converting British Pounds to Euro and in doing so I’m approximating the value of my investments.)
Daniel Mar 27, 2019