Panic in the Baltics
January has been an interesting month for the Baltics p2p lending platforms. And not in a good way. A feature that attracted investors in the first place, an early buyback with a fee, proves to be an Achille’s heel for a series of crowdlending platforms.
Daniel Jan 23, 2020
November analysis of my crowdlending portfolio
My November earnings almost reached 300 EUR (288), 22 EUR more than the previous month’s earnings. It’s not really an important step, as with my current spending habits it would only cover a 3rd of my expenses, but it’s still a step I want to cross.
Daniel Dec 3, 2019
A Monethera review after 6 months
Monethera is the newest player in p2p business lending town. You can invest in real estate projects, business loans, green energy, logistics or technology companies and earn up to 22% per year in interest.
Daniel Nov 8, 2019