P2P consumer lending platforms from Europe

Based on the types of loans the p2p lending platforms offer, they can be split into 3 main categories:

  • focused on consumer loans – offering loans to private persons for different reasons
  • offering business loans – funding businesses operations and expansions
  • focused on real estate development loans

Many platforms are a mix of these 3: Mintos and Viventor offer both consumer and business loans, Crowdestate and Grupeer offer both business and property loans. 

There are many European p2p lending platforms that let you invest in consumer loans and gain good interest rates for your money. Some of the ones I like the most are on this list.


Viventor offers consumer loans, business loans, invoice financing or loans secured by real-estate, issued by 3rd party loan originators across Europe.

All loans are in EUR currency, and the loan term ranges from 1 month to 5 years.

The interest rates range from 6% to 15% and most of the loans come with a buyback guarantee or payment guaranteed policy. 


ViaInvest is a p2p lending marketplace from Latvia launched in 2016 that offers short-term consumer loans from Sweden, Spain, Latvia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The interest rates given to investors are decent, between 9% and 11%

ViaInvest is the child of VIA SMS Group and the loans issued on the platform are coming from lenders belonging to the same group.

The group is in a good financial state. It increased its revenue in 2018 by 22%, reaching almost 25 million EUR, with a 3 million EUR profit (double than in 2017).

Signup bonus

10 EUR bonus after you invest 50 EUR


Swaper is a Latvian p2p lending marketplace offering short-term consumer loans to its investors with a 12% interest rate. For investors that put more than 5000 EUR into their account, they offer an extra 2% interest rate on their investments. (the loyalty bonus campaign expired)

Swaper is part of Wandoo Finance Group – a lending company with operations in Georgia, Poland, Denmark, Russia and Spain.

The loans offered on the platform are pre-funded unsecured consumer loans from the parent company. They all come with a buyback guarantee. For short-term loans, the buyback guarantee kicks in after 30 days, and for long-term ones, after 60 days. The buyback includes also the accrued interest for the late period.


Robocash is a peer-to-peer lending platform based in Croatia that offers short-term consumer loans to its investors.

The loans currently available come with a 12% interest rate and all have a buyback guarantee. The buyback guarantee means if a loan is late by 30 days, Robo.cash buys back the loan from the investors and also pays the interest owed for the late period.

The nice thing about Robocash is that it requires zero maintenance from you. You just fund your account, set up an auto-invest profile, and everything else is taken care of. You don’t even have the option to invest manually in a loan.


PeerBerry is a nice looking Latvian p2p lending marketplace. It acts as an intermediary between lending companies and investors.

The lending companies have loans issued to their borrowers. They publish these loans on the PeerBerry website and offer investors an interest rate for them.

PeerBerry will buy back the loan for you with the full interest as well if the loan payment is more than 60 days late.

There are a few things I don’t like about PeerBerry, like the fact that it doesn’t have a secondary market or any other way to sell your investments before loan maturity. This is not really an issue if you only invest in short-term loans.

Neo Finance

Neo Finance is a peer to peer lending platform offering Lithuanian consumer loans. 

Neo Finance is a true p2p lending platform. People apply for loans on the platform, NEO Finance does a credit risk assessment and sets an interest rate for the loan, and then investors need to fund the loan.

Neofinance has a slightly different buyback policy than other platforms. If the loan is late or it defaults, it will buy it from you at around 50-80% of its value. The rebuy per cent depends on the risk profile of the loan. Neofinance does have however a concept named “Provision fund”, where you can automatically put a certain per cent of your potential profits. If the loan payments are late, the payments you are owed will be covered from that Provision fund.

Signup bonus

25 EUR on registration


Mintos is the most popular European p2p lending platform to invest in right now.

Mintos is a marketplace where other loan originators (lending companies) offer their current loans for investment. Each lender has different types of loans (consumer, short-term, business, invoice financing, etc.), from different countries.

Mintos rates these lenders from A to D (around 10 levels) based on company health, financial status, quality of loans.

The loans offered are pre-funded, so you receive interest from the first day you invest in them.

Some of the loan originators offer a buyback guarantee. If a loan is late with the interest payments by more than 60 days, the loan originator is required to buy back the loan from the investors.

Signup bonus

0.5% of your invested funds in the first 90 days


DoFinance is a p2p lending platform offering consumer loans to its investors. It’s part of Alfa Finance group, and it only offers loans originated from lenders belonging to the same group (KreditCepat, TaniKredyt and Opoqa Finance).

All loans have a buyback guarantee and the loan terms range from 7 days to 5 years.

The interest rates range from 5% to 11%, depending on the auto-invest plan chosen.

Signup bonus

option to invest with a 12% interest rate instead of the maximum 11% 


Bondster is a p2p lending marketplace from the Czech Republic, offering 13% returns to its investors. It acts as an intermediary between lending companies (loan originators) and investors.

The loan originators publish their loans on Bondster and they free up capital to issue new loans to their customers. Investors get a nice interest paid on their investment.

Most of the loans available are unsecured consumer loans (99%) and a few business and mortgage loans. All unsecured loans are protected by a buyback guarantee covered by the loan originators.

The loans have a loan term from 1 month to 5 years. Since there’s no secondary market, for loans with maturities longer than 1 year, investors can sell back their loan to the loan originator, for a 1% fee. You can only do that after 1 year passed since they invested in a loan, so it’s a bit hard to exit your investment.