My real estate investments portfolio (March update)

It’s the third month I’m keeping track of my real estate investments portfolio and I’m starting to like it. I was even looking forward to seeing how my investments are doing.

My portfolio is doing a bit better than last month. In March I’ve received a rental income of around 4 EUR, 25% increase from my February income of 3 EUR. It’s not exactly what I imagined when I envisioned my real estate empire but everyone has to start somewhere. I’m starting from 4 EUR a month.

I’ve also added around 450 EUR to my real estate portfolio this month, pushing my total investments to 2750 EUR. (I’m converting British Pounds to Euro and in doing so I’m approximating the value of my investments.)

My real estate investments

PlatformInvested capitalCurrent valueProfitCurrency
Housers550 (+50)551.21 (+50.75)1.21 (+0.75)EUR
Reinvest24300 (+100)294 (+98)-6 (-2)EUR
Property Partner1000 (+250)1014.9 (+251.56)14.9 (+1.56)GBP
British Pearl600591.75 (+1.6)-8.25 (+1.6)GBP

Legend: The numbers in the parentheses signify the increase since last month.


I’ve invested 50 EUR in a development loan with a 9% interest rate in Spain. It’s the first opportunity of this type I’ve invested on the platform so far. I’m trying to keep my investments on development loans on platforms like EstateGuru, Crowdestate and Bulkestate.

My 11 Housers investments are grouped like this:

  • development loans: 4 investments of 50 EUR each, with a 9% annual interest rate and a duration of 1 year to 2.5 years. These should provide a 1.4 EUR per month steady income
  • buy-to-let properties:  2 investments of 50 EUR each, with an investment horizon of 5 and 10 years each. They should have a bit over 4% yield but I haven’t received any dividends yet. Only one property was rented this month, so I should start receiving dividends.
  • buy-to-sell properties: 5 investments of 50 EUR each. They’re supposed to be sold within 12 months and the expected return is around 7%. Meanwhile, they won’t produce any income.

Property Partner

My Property Partner portfolio increased this month with 250 GBP that I invested in a new rental property with an expected 5.9% rental dividend.

My investments so far can be grouped like this:

  • current investments: 400 GBP distributed among 9 rental properties with an average dividend yield of 5.02%.They should give me around 1.6 GBP rental income per month.
  • pending investments: 360 GBP split into 2 properties with an expected average dividend yield of 5.8%. I hope by next month they’ll be returning dividends as well.
  • pending investments: 250 GBP invested into an opportunistic fund that’s supposed to have an annual return of at least 10%. The fund is around 2 million GBP in total and Property Partner wants to use it in the next 18 months to buy undervalued London real estate. They’re expecting the market to recover after the Brexit business settles and it’s a good opportunity to capitalize on that.

Things that happened this month with Property Partner and I like:

  • one of the properties I’ve invested in didn’t pass their last step of due diligence. Property Partner sent me an email explaining the situation, and also let me reinvest the funds into another investment without the 2% investment fee.
  • the current portfolio page received a facelift and it’s a lot more useful. Have a look below.
property partner current investments

British Pearl

I’ve invested my 600 GBP funds in 6 of the 8 available properties on the platform. So far, I’ve received rental dividends from 4 of them, bringing my total income from British Pearl to 3.54 GBP.

They’re also actively looking for new investors, as 6 of their 8 properties are still in the funding phase, and they’ve been like that for a long time. The good thing is that the properties are already bought and they return dividends from day one of investment.

They’re even offering iPads to investors that invested at least 5000 GBP this month on the platform. I don’t qualify, as I invested nought this month on British Pearl, but I root for them.

If they’re doing good, I’ll be doing good as well, especially since I have a vested interest in British Pearl. (I also own 7 shares in British Pearl that I bought from a funding campaign on Seedrs. They’re worth around 60 GBP. When it comes to real estate, I’m only about big money!)


Reinvest24 upped its game this month and managed to fully fund the 2 projects I was invested in. Caught by this wave of enthusiasm, I’ve invested 100 EUR more into a new project they added on the platform, a development project promising a 13% yearly return. This third project is also almost funded, currently at 96%. For Reinvest24, the future is bright.

I’m still waiting to receive any income from Reinvest24. Maybe next month?

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