My real estate crowdfunding portfolio (February update)

I’m including here only real estate crowdfunding platforms that offer investments in rental properties. These platforms are:

This is the second month I’m keeping this log. You can find my January updates here. Since I like numbers, I’ll try to do this monthly. By summertime, I’ll have enough data to draw some charts 🙂

I also have investments in platforms that offer development loans: BulkestateEstateGuru, Crowdestate and Grupeer. I’ve included these investments in my crowdlending portfolio, due to their different risk profile.

Last month I’ve added a few more investments in the UK and Spanish platforms. I’ve also tried to invest with Fundrise, only to realise they only accept investments from US residents.

I’ve been also looking into iFunded and Rendity, 2 real investment platforms from Germany and Austria that offer loans and bonds on real estate development projects. While the returns are lower than what I get from the Baltics platforms like EstateGuru or Crowdestate, the real estate market in Germany/Austria is a lot more stable and should be safer in an economic recession.

My investments

PlatformInvested capitalCurrent valueProfitCurrency
Housers500 (+300)500.46 (+300.46)0.46 (+0.46)EUR
Property Partner750 (+250)763.34 (+251.26)13.34 (+1.26)GBP
British Pearl600 (+100)590.15 (+98.82)-9.85 -8.67 (-1.18)GBP
Brickowner200 (+100)200 (+100)0GBP

Legend: The numbers in the parentheses signify the increase since last month.


I’ve received my first rental dividends on Housers this month, a whopping 0.46 EUR. I’ve also invested 300 EUR more on the platform, on 6 other buy-to-sell and rental properties.

My diversification index looks a bit better than last month, although I’ve invested too much in Madrid properties and I should wait for projects in other areas to invest in.

housers diversification index

Property Partner

I’ve received another 1.27 GBP rental dividends on Property Partner this month. I’ve also invested 250 GBP in an “Opportunity Fund”, basically a 2.000.000 GBP loan to Property Partner to buy whatever properties they want on the London market and maybe make some profits out of it.

There’s also a development loan bond available at 11% interest rate that I’m tempted to invest in. The LTV is a bit high at 69.5% and the security on the loan is a second charge, so the loan has its minuses.

British Pearl

I’ve received another 0.93 GBP in rental dividends from British Pearl this month. I’ve also invested in 2 more properties on the platform, with dividends at 3% and 4.3%. They’re buy-to-sell properties, with an expected income of around 12% per year, for a period of investment of 3-5 years. The rental dividends received until then are a welcome bonus.


My investments in Reinvest24 move very slow. The 2 projects I’ve invested in are still in funding. They moved from 54% to 82% and from 7% to 40%. With some luck, they might get funded next month and I’ll finally receive some income on these investments.

I like that Reinvest24 tries to move things faster. They did a webinar last month talking about the Baltics real estate market. They’re active on social media, promote bloggers that talk about them, and they also have an affiliate program that rewards people who invite other people on the platform. There’s no reward for the invited person though.


Brickowner promises huge returns on the projects it publishes. The latest one expects a 72% return in 3 years. I’ve invested 100 GBP in it to see what happens.


My real estate portfolio starts to look a bit more decent. In a few months, I’ll be able to buy a few beers from the monthly rental income. I’ll keep increasing my investments in the next months.

The bulk of my investments so far are in buy-to-sell properties, with low rental income. I’ll only see the actual returns in a few years time.

I’m a bit more confident in Reinvest24 than I was last month. They move slow, but they do move in the right direction.

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