July update on my p2p lending portfolio (Update 7)

Dear reader,

This is the 7th month I keep detailed track of my p2p lending portfolio. While it does provide value to me, I’m not sure it does the same for you. So I’ll try to keep this light and short. (previous month’s updates here)

Next month will be my last month of vacation. My 6 months of free time will be over and I’ll be getting back to work. Back to boring corporate life. On the bright side, I’ll have a steady paycheck again and I won’t eat my economies anymore.

These are the main things that happened with my portfolio:

  • invested 1000 EUR more in various platforms
  • my portfolio reached 20.000 EUR
  • I’ve cancelled my Invest & Access portfolio on Mintos
  • My Crowdestate loans continue to delay their payments
  • added 50 EUR play money into Investly
My p2p lending portfolio
PlatformInvested capitalCurrent valueProfitInterest Rate/Annual returnStarted Investing
Fast Invest40104442 (+48)432 (+48)13.65% / 14.12%August 2018
Mintos34943924 (+46)430 (+46)14.18% / 11.24%June 2018
Viventor1103 (+100)1141 (+108)38 (+8)14% / 14.9%December 2018
NEO Finance970903 (+9)-67 (+9)17.06% / 11.61%November 2018
PeerBerry604(-42)742 (-35)139 (+7)12.5% / 11.62%December 2018
EstateGuru1413 (+42)1505 (+50)92 (+8)10.97% / 10.52%August 2018
Grupeer1180 (+200)1283 (+215)103 (+15)13.51% / 12.64%December 2018
Crowdestate965 (-22)992 (-16)27 (+5)12.7% / 12.98%December 2018
Envestio772 (-34)880 (-22)108 (+14)18.36% / 18.48November 2018
Crowdestor647 (+61)685 (+67)38 (+6)16.75% / ??December 2018
Abundance150 (GBP)15009% / ??January 2019
Bulkestate92.5 (-7.5)1007.5 (+7.5)14.5% / ??December 2018
Robocash500516 (+6)16 (+6)12% / ??April 2019
DoFinance150155 (+2)5 (+2)10.33% / ??April 2019
Swaper100103 (+2)3 (+2)12% / 10.71%April 2019
Bondster5052 (+1)2 (+1)12.55% / ??May 2019
ViaInvest110 (+10)111 (+11)1 (+1)11% / 11.55%May 2019
Debitum Network200 (+50)203 (+51)3 (+1)10.32% / ??April 2019
Assetz Capital100 (GBP)102 (+1)2 (+1)5.88% / ??April 2019
Flender484 (+189)488 (+192)4 (+3)?? / 10.1%May 2019
Kuetzal394 (-6)406 (+1)12 (+7)19.12% / ??May 2019
TFG Crowd1000 (+400)1008 (+405)8 (+5)16.66% / ??May 2019
Monethera145150518.4% / ??June 2019
Investly50 (+50)50 (+50)09% / ??July 2019

Legend: the numbers in parentheses are changes since last month (e.g. 948.5 EUR new deposits). 

This month I’ve added 1000 EUR more to my portfolio and with the 200 EUR received as interest, it finally reached 20.000 EUR. I haven’t set yet any clear goals for my p2p lending investments, but this is an important step. It makes me realize what I’m doing is very far from play money.

I’m thinking of slowly cancelling my investments in ViaInvest, doFinance, Swaper, Bondster. While I have nothing against them, and they’re decent p2p lending platforms, I feel like they don’t bring enough value to me to keep investing in them. My investments here were good to satisfy my curiosity, but they’re not what I’m looking for. Robocash and PeerBerry are enough for my payday loans investments.

Platform updates

If I don’t say anything about some platforms, it’s because nothing worth saying happened.


My average interest rate is finally over 14%. With the extra high-interest rates currently available, I felt bad not taking advantage of them. They’re not going to last forever, so I took as many as I could.

I’ve finished my Invest & Access portfolio after less than a month. Investing in it was a bad choice for a multitude of reasons:

  • it invested in 6% interest rate loans, while the market was full with 14% – 16% loans
  • I had a bunch of loans from loan originators rated C-
  • it invested in loan originators that didn’t pay interest for late payments
  • the average interest rate was more than 2% lower than my overall portfolio, and the loans were not better than the ones I chose

I got to test how quickly my funds become available. 80% of it was available in the first 10 minutes. The rest is still locked, after one week.

It might be a good option for new investors until they familiarize with the platform. At least it invests only in loans with a buyback guarantee and splits your investments into multiple loans from multiple loan originators. I sure felt overwhelmed when I first opened the primary market and the auto-invest pages. It had many more options than I could handle. So, Invest & Access makes it easier for new investors to use the platform. Maybe that’s why when you go to the Invest page, the first one that opens is Invest & Access.


Viventor just added Monify, a loan originator that’s also present on Grupeer. Except that on Grupeer they offered loans with 12% interest rate, while on Viventor the interest rate was 16%.

I had to take advantage of this and added a large amount of money (100 EUR) to invest in these loans. In 1 year, I’ll be 4 EUR richer. (Meanwhile, I bought a pack of cigarettes in New York for 15 USD) (I’m ashamed of it)


I’ll continue to withdraw funds from PeerBerry until I’m left with around 500 EUR invested in the platform. I ran my own calculations on the returns here and they’re a bit lower than what PeerBerry tells me. Based on the interest payments, my annual return is around 11.62%, as opposed to PeerBerry’s 12.16%. Not that bad though.


It was time to add more funds to my EstateGuru account, so I’ve added 42 EUR to my monthly 8 EUR interest payments and I’m ready to make a new investment. I didn’t like the current projects though, they were all refinancing loans to pay existing loans either on EstateGuru or somewhere else.

And it’s a good thing I didn’t invest in them yet, as EstateGuru just announced they’re offering a 0.5% cashback on all investments made in August. So, I’ll get some extra cash now.


My annual return on Grupeer so far is 12.64% and overall I’m happy with the platform. I’ve added 200 EUR more and invested them in some 13.5% interest loans from Dozarplati.


It’s the second month a project on Crowdestate has problems with paying back their loan. This time, it was a bark beetle destroying Central European forests (not a joke!) that prevented the borrower to generate enough sales in order to pay back their loan. I’m curious if these are just delays or they’re a sign of something worse.


Envestio finally added an auto-invest function, but it’s not exactly what I needed. It has a limit of 100 EUR minimum investment and I didn’t have that much available in my account, so I withdrew my available 34 EUR and invested them somewhere else. Next month I should receive my principal from a few projects, so I’ll see how auto-invest is working.

My computed annual return on Envestio is 18.48% so far. That’s really impressive.


I’m slowly adding more funds to Crowdestor. This month I slowly added 62 EUR and I’ve invested in 2 new projects.


I tried to invest more on Bulkestate but with no luck. I’ve managed to invest in a new project at the beginning of the month. Then the only project I’ve been invested in since last year finally matured and paid my principal back. I tried to invest it in 3 consecutive projects that were funded in less than 10 minutes. Eventually, I gave up and withdrew the money.

Debitum Network

I like how Debitum Network works so I’ve added some extra funds (50 EUR) to have a pretext to log in more often there. I can’t add more for now, as their 10% interest rates are easily beaten by any other platform from the Baltics.


I’ve invested the minimum amount (50 EUR) in 4 more projects on Flender. So far, I’ve only invested in B-rated projects, and my annual return should be around 10%.

While the returns are lower here than on other p2p business lending platforms, I feel safer having part of my p2p lending investments outside of the Baltics platforms.

TFG Crowd

TFG Crowd keeps adding new projects and I’ve invested 400 EUR more in them. I’ve also received this month 5 EUR in interest payments and a shampoo (from one of the borrowing companies selling cosmetics).


No interest payments on Monethera, as the projects are still in the funding phase. However, I noticed I had an unexpected 45 EUR in my account, I suppose due to a software bug. I decided to tell Monethera to remove them, maybe somebody was missing them.


I have some shares invested in Investly and I wanted to take a better look at their platform. I invested 50 EUR in 5 different invoices. So far, it’s hard for me to understand how it works. Every invoice is financed through an auction, and the lowest bids have priority. And people decide to bid 8%, 10%, even though there’s not enough competition to lower the interest rates down. What’s stopping them to ask 15%? I don’t know. Am I missing something?

That’s all for July. If you reached this far, thank you for reading. See you next month.

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