Last week EstateGuru reached 100 million EUR in funded business loans.

To celebrate this important milestone, EstateGuru offers 50 EUR investment credit to two randomly selected winners that register on the platform using this link.
If you get selected and you win the 50 EUR, it’s yours and you can use it to test out the platform. 50 EUR also happens to be the minimum investment on EstateGuru, so you get the chance to invest in your first project on the platform and earn interest.

The offer is valid only for new investors, and you’ll need to go through the full authentication process to participate in the raffle. Otherwise, I’d keep the link to me and register myself again.

Given the fact that this blog doesn’t get too many readers, you have pretty decent chances to be the only one of 2 people that read this article. If this happens, you both get to win the investment credit.

The promotion lasts for 2 weeks – at the end of the promotion, the winners will be selected.

Update March 28th: The winners are Diana and Stoyan. Congrats!

If the 50 EUR giveaway isn’t enough and you need other reasons to join EstateGuru, here are a few of them.

It’s a mature, safe and reliable p2p investing platform.

Since the platform launched in 2014, no investor lost any capital invested on the platform.
All loans issued on the platform are secured with real estate. The average LTV ratio is less than 60%, making the investments really secure.

It’s growing at a steady pace.

Out of the 100 million EUR in funded loans, more than half were funded in 2018. The year before that, they also more than doubled the amount in funded loans.

4 new team members joined EstateGuru only last month. While they’re strong in the Baltics market, they’re also expanding in Spain and Finland. Future plans involved Portugal, the UK and Ireland.

EstateGuru is working hard to become a truly pan-European p2p lender.

The returns for investors are good.

The average return for investors it’s been at a bit over 12%. Around 7 million EUR in interest payments were earned by investors on the platform so far. And this, again, while nobody lost any invested capital.

The platform has a positive impact on the economy.
This doesn’t really concern your returns or the safety of your investments, but it’s still an important point. Through the loans they financed for property building, the platform helped to create more than 5000 jobs. That’s something to be proud of.

One final reason to invest in EstateGuru

If all the reasons above didn’t convince you, I’m sure this one will. If you win the raffle, those first 50 EUR are free. But if you like the platform and invest more, for every new 100 EUR you invest on the platform I’ll receive 50 cents (you’ll also get 50 cents). This only lasts for the first 3 months, but hey, what does last forever?

So, follow this link and let me know how it went.

P.S. If you want to read more about EstateGuru, you can also check out my review here.

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