How I run my WordPress site for (almost) free
I received an email last month telling me my hosting subscription is due to expire and I’ll need to renew it. Of course, my hosting provider also told me they’ll be nice and auto-renew my subscription, so I don’t lose my websites.
Daniel Aug 14, 2019
Swaper p2p lending site – first impressions
Swaper is a Latvian p2p lending marketplace offering short-term consumer loans to its investors with a 12% interest rate. For investors that put more than 5000 EUR into their account, they offer an extra 2% interest rate on their investments.
Daniel Aug 11, 2019
15 books to read when you travel around the world
I’ve been travelling a lot for the past 6 months. One of the perks of travelling is that you spend a good chunk of your time in transit. Good use of this time for me is to read. This long vacation has been good for me. I’ve experienced for the first time in many years […]
Daniel Aug 5, 2019
A short review on Brickstarter
Brickstarter is the place to go if you want to invest in Spanish vacation rental properties. This real estate crowdfunding platform buys tourist rental properties, renovates them and then sells them back at an increased value.
Daniel Jul 14, 2019