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Hi there!

I’m a 34-year-old average guy living in the beautiful town of Cluj Napoca. Odds are you never heard of it. To give you a better context, I’ll just say it’s in the middle of Transylvania, the land of Dracula.   If you want to read more about me (even though you know it will be boring), follow this link.

What's this blog about

I’m not the most social person, but I try to keep an active presence on social media. You can keep up with my updates on any of these platforms.

Main topics

P2P lending

In the past year I’ve invested in more than 30 p2p lending platforms. My main drive was curiosity, but now I have a unique view on the European p2p lending landscape.

Real estate crowdfunding

If you’d like to invest in real estate but you don’t want the hassle of managing a property, the following platforms might interest you.

Equity crowdfunding

Reviews on the best European equity crowdfunding platforms.

And more...

p2p lending portfolio october overview with annual return of 12.58%

October updates on my p2p lending portfolio

October is the month I usually get fat. It’s always raining outside, it’s cold and suddenly, I have nothing physical to do. I’m still eating the same but I’m burning less energy and the excess starts to get visible. Each year I make plans to go to the gym, and each year I remember how boring it is to do the same things over and over and quietly decide not to.

risk and return dices on a financial paper

A risk and return analysis of my p2p portfolio

These are the most important criteria I’m considering when investing in a p2p lending platform: transparency, loan security, track record, liquidity, account security, diversification and returns. Based on these, I ranked all the p2p lending platforms I've invested in.

monethera review with 18.5% annual return and 1657 investors

A Monethera review after 6 months on the platform

I was a bit sceptical 6 months ago when Monethera projects had few details and you couldn’t see almost anything about the loans you were supposed to invest in. Since then, Monethera evolved a lot and my trust in them increased as well.

wisefund p2b lending platform review

3 months with Wisefund

Wisefund is a new and promising p2p business lending platform from Estonia. With an average interest rate of 18% on its loans, it promises its investors good returns. The company was founded only in March 2019, and as of November, it has around 1500 investors who invested a bit over 3 million EUR on the platform.

tfgcrowd p2p lending platform review

A short review on TFG Crowd after 6 months

TFG Crowd is one of the newest p2p business lending platforms from Europe. I’ve created my account in June and so far I’ve invested 1500 EUR in 14 of the projects published on the platform. So far, I’ve received 67 EUR in interest payments from the projects I’ve invested in (a 16.15% annual return).

estateguru review

EstateGuru after 1 year - still a happy relationship?

EstateGuru is a peer to peer lending platform easy to use. They had their website redesigned in October 2018, and the user experience it offers now is really great. The loans available here have decent return rates at around 10% – 12%. The default rate is very low, and all loans are property-backed and come with decent LTV ratios. The auto-invest feature is helpful and I might use it in the future when my portfolio is bigger. With the addition of the secondary market, EstateGuru is now a complete p2p lending platform.

Invest with Monethera and get up to 22% annual returns