About this site

I’m a 34-year-old average guy living in the beautiful town of Cluj Napoca. Odds are you never heard of it. To give you a better context, I’ll just say it’s in the middle of Transylvania, the land of Dracula. You wouldn’t believe it, but life here is not that hard and vampires are nowhere to see.

When I don’t write on this blog, I’m usually travelling, reading books or use socializing as a pretext to drink huge amounts of beer. And also work in one of the numerous IT companies that sprawled all over the city in the last 20 years.

I’ve started this blog for 2 reasons:

  • I’m interested in investing and writing about it provides structure for me and help me understand better what I do and why I do it. Writing also helps me to challenge my beliefs and see where I’m missing some points I should cover.
  • Some of my findings might help others along the way learn from my mistakes.

I’m writing currently mostly about peer to peer lending platforms. Not because it’s the only investment vehicle I’m using but because it’s the one I’m focusing most of my research at the moment. When I’ll feel confident that I’ve understood enough about the market I will move on and dedicate fewer resources to this field.

I don’t intend to give investment advice. That would be very irresponsible. I’m describing investment platforms I use and how my experience with them is, but that doesn’t mean you should use them too. At best, my articles should serve as a high-level overview of what specific instruments/sites can be used for. Everybody needs to do their own research and make their own decisions.

I’m not selling anything here (yet). Sure, some of the articles I write contain affiliate links. If you use them, some of them will give you some bonuses, others will give bonuses just for me. I’m not going to say that those links support this blog and help me write better (I see that a lot on all sorts of blogs). They don’t. Those affiliate links are not my livelihood. And I’m pretty sure they won’t help me write better. Writing more might help me write better.

The affiliate links I use provide me with positive reinforcement. Even if the rewards are a few euros spread over the month, I can still think hey, someone appreciates what I write! It’s nice to see that someone would pay me (indirectly) for something I know and write about (besides my employer).

You can read a bit more about my own financial history in this article.

What’s in this blog

I’m trying to understand the best I can the investment tools I’m using. So I write about them. Be it peer to peer lending, real estate crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, or just some books I’ve read and helped me understand better the world I live in.

I’m also using this site to track my investment portfolio. It helps me look at it objectively and see if a certain investment is worth the risk or not.

A long term goal for this is to reach a point where I could live off the income coming from these investments. I’m not talking about retiring early or any other movements that sound good on paper but in reality are just plain depressing. Living off a different income from my paycheck would provide me with a backup plan in case things go bad in the industry I work in. And it could also mean I could take from time to time longer unpaid vacations without feeling a big dent in my budget.

If conditions remain the same, I should be able to reach that goal in about 5 years. Stick around, and see how it unfolds.

About peer to peer lending

If you’re new to p2p lending, you should read these articles first on what is peer-to-peer lending and how to choose the right platform for you:

My investment portfolio

50%38%5%3%2%2%StocksP2p lendingReal estate crowdfundingBondsGoldCryptoMy portfolio


All my stocks portfolio is on Degiro. I moved here from xtb, and the fees are a lot lower. I’m partially happy with them but I’m also looking for something else. The problem is they only cover losses up to 20.000 EUR (in case Degiro goes bankrupt), and that’s a small portfolio.

Interactive Brokers might be one platform to expand to. They also have small commissions and they cover funds up to 100.000 USD. And they don’t have a problem with Romanian banks.

I might even consider moving back part of my portfolio to xtb, for stocks I want to keep only for dividends. Degiro doesn’t like that my bank is in the Netherlands and my residence is in Romania, and it double taxes me.

P2p lending

My p2p lending portfolio portion is a bit higher than I’d want to. I’ll just need to make sure to increase it at a slower pace than the other bits of the pie.

You can see my detailed portfolio here. Also, if you’re interested in p2p lending, you can read some of my reviews here.

Real estate crowdfunding

I’m still playing around and actively looking for prospects. For now, I’ve invested in a couple of UK platforms, one from the Baltics and a Spanish one. You can see how my portfolio is doing here and you can also read some of my reviews here.

Bonds – it’s just corporate bonds for now, and all bought from WiseAlpha.

Gold – play money added into my GlintPay account. For now, I just keep them there and wonder why is the price of gold still rising. I’ll get into studying the gold market sometimes this year and look for more serious opportunities to invest in.

Crypto – small leftover from last year’s big dreams of getting rich. Lately, cryptos have been rising again, so my losses might become smaller.